nitriding steel

nitriding steel
any steel suitable for casehardening by nitriding.

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  • nitriding steel — any steel suitable for casehardening by nitriding. [1930 35] * * * …   Universalium

  • Nitriding — is a heat treating process that diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case hardened surface. It is predominantly used on steel, but also titanium, aluminum and molybdenum. Typical applications include gears, crankshafts,… …   Wikipedia

  • nitriding — a case hardening process that depends on the absorption of nitrogen into the steel. All machining, stress relieving, as well as hardening and tempering are normally carried out before nitriding. The parts are heated in a special container through …   Mechanics glossary

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  • nitriding — /ˈnaɪˌtraɪdɪŋ/ (say nuy.truyding) noun the introduction of nitrogen into the surface of certain types of steel by heating in contact with partially dissociated ammonia, a form of case hardening. {nitrid(e) + ing1} …  

  • nitriding — The hardening of steel by heating it for several hours in ammonia gas. Used on crankshafts …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • nitriding — noun ( s) Etymology: from gerund of nitride (II) : a process of case hardening steel by impregnating with nitrogen usually by being heated in ammonia gas between 900 and 1000° F * * * /nuy truy ding/, n. Metall. a process of casehardening in… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Plasma nitriding — or ion nitriding (sometimes also called plasma ion nitriding) or glow discharge nitriding, is an industrial surface hardening treatment for metallic materials.DescriptionA plasma is the fourth state of matter, the other three being solid, liquid… …   Wikipedia

  • Maraging steel — Maraging steels (a portmanteau of martensitic and aging ) are steels (iron alloys) which are known for possessing superior strength and toughness without losing malleability, although they cannot hold a good cutting edge. Aging refers to the… …   Wikipedia

  • carbo-nitriding — a case hardening process in which steel components are heated in an atmosphere containing both carbon and nitrogen …   Mechanics glossary

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